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Mercedes-Benz UAE: New Models Meet Advanced Needs

Mercedes Benz has huge plans over the next few years. By 2020, the automaker will propose 30 advanced models to its structure. Of those 30, three model-year 2017 cars are already beating the association line. The new model-year 2017 cars combine the E-Class comfort and luxury sedan, the GLC mid-size SUV, and the GLS SUV. Each blusters new appearance that may demand to the demands of fleets and drivers.

This is the tenth generation of the Mercedes Benz E-Class luxury sedan — and with the advanced model come huge innovations. The organization calls it the “most intelligent street car ever,” and for excellent reason. The car features several technical innovations, enlarged safety features, enhanced comfort, and interior appearances for the connected driver. The E-Class is just one of the representations to see engine upgrades: Mercedes Benz is announcing brand-new engine modifications in 12 models for MY-2017. Mercedes-Benz UAE is also taking stalks against entirely sovereign driving with the E-Class. The E-Class comes classic with several next-generation driver support systems.

PRE-SAFE Sound, a system based on a careful human reflex in the inner ear, expends a short intervention signal through the car’s sound system when the exposure of a crash becomes immediate. This signal, in turn, generates the driver’s stapedius reflex and arranges the residents’ ears for the sound of the accident. Mercedes 2017 E-Class isn’t absolutely a self-driving car, but it is weighted with semi-autonomous appearances that sure make it seem like one. Advanced safety and accessibility features consist of the semiautonomous Drive Pilot, which includes PreSafe Impulse Side; flexible cruise control with lane-keeping control, which changes passengers away from the windows when an immediate T-bone is exposed; and Remote Parking Pilot, which grants drivers to step out and let the E-Series chunk itself into tight spaces.

Mercedes-Benz also delivers fleet managers a demonstration about its act into the dimension of plug-in hybrids. The automaker previously sells the 2016 S550e, PHEV S-Class, and the 2016 GLE 550e 4MATIC, a four-wheel drive SUV. The automaker is also functioning on a PHEV C-Class for next in 2016 known as the C 350e, as well as a PHEV GLC in 2017, the GLC 350e 4MATIC.